Photos: #Feesmustfall protest in Cape Town

Protest 10Student protests against university fee increases intensified across the country yesterday. In Cape Town, hundreds of protesters demonstrated outside parliament where Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene was delivering his mini budget speech. Protesters are demanding that the planned fee increases for 2016 be scrapped, and have rejected a deal struck between Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande and university vice chancellors on Tuesday that would see fee increases for 2016 capped at 6%.

Before I arrived to take these photos, a group of students got into the parliamentary compound. Despite reports that most of the students sat down in front of the National Assembly, riot police fired stun grenades and pink gas at them, forcing them out with shields and truncheons (watch this video footage from the Daily Maverick).

This collection of photos captures scenes outside parliament Wednesday afternoon.

Protest 9Protest 2Protest 8Protest 3Protest 4Protest 6Protest 7Protest_1Protest 5


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