I’m an independent, internationally published South African journalist.

I write mainly about cities and sustainable development for Citiscope (www.citiscope.org). Formerly, I was the editor at UrbanAfrica.net, a project of the African Centre for Cities at the University of Cape Town.

I have been working as a writer for the past 13 years and have published articles with Citiscope (U.S.), High Country News (U.S.), New West (U.S.), Climate Central (U.S.), Earthzine (U.S.), GQ, Zigzag, Surfer (U.S.), the Surfer’s Path, The Big Issue, earthworks, Inter Press Service, Cityscapes, EnCompass (U.S.), GroundUp (SA) and others.

I am a Fulbright scholar and hold an M.A. in journalism from the University of Colorado Boulder.

I contributed chapters about surfing in El Salvador, Namibia, Angola and Mozambique to Orca Publications’ Surf Travel: The Complete Guide.

I also do film work. In 2015, I scripted the short film ‘Normal,’ a film about mental illness and recovery, produced by Simon Taylor of Periphery, and shot and edited a set of videos for the African Centre for Cities.

I dabble in fiction and have published two short stories and a poem with South African journal New Contrast

Please see my portfolio for examples of published work.



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