Science on a Sphere

I was at NOAA recently for its Global Monitoring Annual Conference. One of the highlights was experiencing NOAA’s Science On a Sphere. In a dark room four projectors beam animations onto a solid sphere, 6 foot in diameter, that hangs from the roof. There are over 300 animations available, including a model of the propagation of the December 26, 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. The animation of global air traffic made me appreciate all the air traffic controllers out there. There are so many planes buzzing around the world!

I took some pictures (with my mac’s built-in camera) so though I’d post them here.

Watching the sphere in action made me think how many more kids would get into geography and earth sciences if these spheres were installed in classrooms. It’s a truly interactive way to learn about the planet.


2 thoughts on “Science on a Sphere

  1. What amazing technology. Yes, agree with writer , it would certainly be a powerful tool in the classroom.

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