Microbes and Electrons for Better Wastewater Cleaning

I recently published a story at NewWest.net (where I’m working as an intern) on a pair of scientists in Utah who’ve developed an innovative method for cleaning mining wastewater. Jack Adams and Mike Peoples, of Inotec, have devised what’s called an electrobiochemical reactor. It works by applying a steady stream of electrons to metal-removing microbes in a contaminated solution. The electrons fuel the microbes to do their job faster, allowing them to remove heavy metals such as mercury, arsenic and selenium.

The technology is much cheaper than conventional wastewater treatment and produces less toxic sludge, according to Adams. The electron stream can be supplied by solar power. The team is also enthusiastic about the EBR’s potential to offer cheap, clean drinking water to impoverished rural communities in the developing world.

Please read the full piece here.


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