Heavy Traffic on the Digital Highway

Ever wondered how many bytes of information hurtle around the digital world each day? Considered the tiny fraction of data your daily emails, tweets and facebook posts contribute to global internet traffic?

Good magazine, in partnership with IBM, has just released a breakdown of global data flow. The numbers are mind-boggling.

According to their calculations, across the world 2.9 million emails are sent every second. Every minute users upload 20 hours of video footage to YouTube.

Every 24 hours Google processes 2.4 petabytes (that’s 1000 terabytes) of data, while 50 million tweets are sent fluttering into the twitosphere in the same period. Combined, the world’s facebook community spends 700 billion minutes on facebook per month.

The average household consumes 375 megabytes of data each day, while mobile internet users send and receive 1.3 exabytes (or 1000 petabytes) of data in their daily internet dealings.

The question is, what will these statistics look like in ten years time?

To see Good‘s infographic click here.

Image credit: michaelaw, sxc.hu.


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